Our hours are from 5:00 to 8:00 PM every day.


Chinese Garlic Chive DumplingHousemade dumplings with Chinese garlic chives, jicama and shitake mushrooms, served with a soy-ginger vinaigrette and sriracha sauce.$8.00
Coconut-Curry SoupCoconut-green curry soup with sweet potatoes, butternut squash and shiitakes.$3.00
Saigon Spring RollsCrispy spring rolls filled with tiger shrimp, taro and vegetables, with our Vietnamese-style chili-lime dipping sauce.$7.00
Thai-Style CalamariSucculent and crunchy fresh calamari with a Thai sweet chili dipping sauce.$10.00
Tuna Tartare with Taro Chips *Diced sashimi-grade tuna mixed with avocado, wakame seaweed, scallions and togarashi, served with housemade taro chips. * These dishes contain raw or partially raw items and/or are prepared according to …$10.00
Unagi TerrineMarinated and broiled eel layered with avocado and sushi rice, served with a soy syrup and wasabi oil$9.00
Vietnamese Beef Lettuce WrapsTender cubes of marinated beef tenderloin sautéed with red onions, served with Boston bibb lettuce and pickled daikon.  $9.00
Zucchini-Scallion CrepesMung bean crepes with diced zucchini, scallions and red onions, with a spicy soy dipping sauce.$7.00

Rice Bowls

Beef Rice BowlKorean marinated beef tenderloin, kimchi, sesame spinach, marinated zucchini, poached egg, Korean chili sauce$18.00
Pork Rice BowlVietnamese grilled pork, pickled daikon, cucumber, zucchini, scallion oil, fried shallots, chili lime sauce$18.00
Unagi Rice BowlJapanese broiled unagi, salmon sashimi, cucumber-wakame salad, sesame spinach, avocado, tobikko aioli, wasabi oil, soy syrup$18.00
Vegetarian Rice BowlBraised shiitake mushrooms, crispy tofu, marinated zucchini, poached egg, cucumber-wakame salad, soy-ginger reduction$18.00


Grilled Lemongrass ChickenLemongrass-marinated Miller Ranch all-natural breast of chicken with grilled vegetables, served with a chili-lime dressing and scallion oil. Served with a house salad.$21.00
Grilled PrawnsJumbo freshwater prawns with sautéed bay scallops, sunchokes, bok choy, snow peas, oyster mushrooms and crispy egg noodles in a Chinese ginger-garlic sauce. Served with a house salad.$28.00
Japanese-Style SablefishRich sablefish marinated in miso and sake, pan roasted with a soy-tamarind sauce and served over sautéed nappa cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and Korean vermicelli noodles. Served with a house salad.$29.00
Korean-Marinated Ribeye*Thin slices of grilled Certified Angus ribeye, with sesame crispy rice, sauteed julienned vegetables, quail egg and Korean chili sauce. Served with a house salad. * These dishes contain raw …$28.00
Miso-Teriyaki SalmonFaroe Islands Atlantic salmon with sautéed snow peas, zucchini and Brussels sprouts, glazed with a miso-teriyaki sauce. Served with a house salad.$27.00
Seared Big Eye Tuna*Beautiful big eye tuna lightly seared, served with a ginger-miso sauce, wasabi oil, julienned jicama salad and crispy sushi rice. Served with a house salad. * These dishes contain raw …$29.00
Thai Peanut NoodlesRice noodles wok-tossed with a thai peanut sauce, julienned vegetables and crispy caramel tofu, topped with curried chickpeas and cilantro. Served with a house salad.$20.00


*New* Banana Coconut Cream TartCaramelized banana-coconut cream tart topped with Macadamia nut praline. (5 1/2″ tart feeds 2-3).$15.00
Chocolate-Passionfruit MousseRich milk chocolate mousse with a passion fruit sabayon.$8.00
Warm Chocolate CakeBittersweet chocolate cake with our toasted coconut-Kahlúa ice cream and sake-macerated cherries.$8.00